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Maciej Kasperski Ceramics » Worn Ceramics #2 / 2012
Maciej Kasperski

Eπcentrum Gallery, Jastrzebie Zdroj, 2012

Worn Ceramics is a collection from the borderline of fashion, in which specially suited ceramic objects are worn and presented in the way that resembles haute couture shows.
The action is an effect of searching for new forms of expression and creating a situation in which the way of exposing, the reception of sculpture and its character
change radically. I got interested by body transformation which resulted from moving the object literally onto models’ shoulders. This cycle was about finding the relation between body and an object. The aim was to make an abstract item which can be worn and presented this way. Worn Ceramics for a moment interferes with a body’s real nature. Thanks to which it can reveal its character in a new way. The body becomes an idea medium. When I was working on this cycle, I was thinking about sculpture which is not bound with one specific place but which becomes a mobile object that exists in unity with a person who wears it as an exceptional accessory. Each of them is unique, unrepeatable, and dominant in the person’s image. An object like this could work as an element accentuating importance or personality of the people who wear it. Thanks to these ceramic items it is possible to manifest own individuality. Why a precious object around
a neck cannot be bigger than usual and more visible? Certainly, the more specific it is, the louder message it communicates.

The role of a mutant object, transformed into something not easily defined though close is very important in my show. It is close because of a soft shape and perfect
matching the body like a mascot, “a pet” we tend to stroke and cuddle. Worn Ceramics is emotional and sensual experience in which the whole body is engaged. Its form and shape derives from an idea of an object – an amulet with a symbolic meaning. Then I used to call these items jewellery, as I associated them with peculiar necklaces or bangles. The name Worn Ceramics initially served as a working title to single out these new works from the others. It seemed banal, little original to me. After some time however I realised that it defines the items exactly. I refer to the essence of phenomenology in this way. As time went by it occurred that search engines relate this expression with my name – it appears in ten most relevant results.