Maciej Kasperski

Winda Gallery, Kielce, 2009


The spectrum of ideas included in the phrase to look or to use is wide and covers many different aspects. They range from usefulness to uselessness, from touch to avoiding touching, from a mass product to a unique product. I would like to reveal how close to each other the two separate worlds of applied art and so called high art are situated. How often it happens that they intermingle within these two areas.

Works from the collection Ctrl C and Ctrl V, which comprise three groups of ceramic objects: Triplex System, Non-functional Forms and SVC / SHC, were on exhibition.

On display there were also vessel-like forms (Cut Bowls and vases). The bowls and vases were designed in the way accentuating the impact of senses, especially the sense of touch. The scale matching human hands and the difference between smooth inside and rich in its texture outside were the means I have applied in order to intensify haptic stimuli.