Maciej Kasperski

The instalation is a reminiscence of a visit in the storerooms of The National Museum in Wroclaw, where some ancient glass vessels for storing various fragrances are kept.
The space of the gallery was arranged in such a way to enable the visitor take part in the process of creating perfume. The two rooms of the gallery were filled with some secret elements of the misteria of fragrance. The bottles and the steel quasi-laboratory stands were joined with the strange aroma in the air – the mixture of patchouli, bergamot, olibanum – close to musty cellar air.
The scent is capable of bringing back memories of the actions or objects even if they passed away long time ago. The vessels with perfumes found in Tutankhamun’s tomb still gave off the scent.


BWA Glass and Ceramics Gallery, Wroclaw, 1997