Maciej Kasperski

Lingua Corpus means in Latin body language. To what extent this ‚body language’ is comprehensible to us? To what extent do we know our body?
Every day we receive signals sent by our body, some of the information we do not notice, some other we omit, or just simply do not understand.
The instalation is created of the imprints of human (author’s) body parts made of ceramics. Among the shapeless forms we can recognise hands, fingers, feet or torsos stuck in some metal cuboid constructions. The language that our body uses to talk to us. Like some objects-relics.

Bread and Art or Art and Bread, vol. I Silos (group exhibition), Old Mamut Bakery, Wroclaw, 2004
Gallery BWA, Awangarda, Wroclaw, 2006