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Maciej Kasperski Ceramics » Karesansui / 2012
Maciej Kasperski

Konduktorownia Gallery, Czestochowa, 2012


I was inspired by its interiors painted sterile white and neutral grey and the arrangement resembling a temple. I made my first cross-sectional exhibition there. Already after my first visit to the gallery I had no doubts about the character of my presentation. The aspect of contemplation, spirituality and references to the space were joining elements of the show. The sort of meditative ambiance prevailed. The show title Karesansui refers to Japanese gardens, dry landscape composed of stones, sand and gravel, spread over with special rake.

The empty spaces between the objects affect the visitors; subconscience and encourage ordering up and calming down. I left large empty space in the middle, which “welcomed” the audience and at the same time allowed them to have an overall view of the show. In Japan the space between the items has its own name defined as ma, i.e. interval. It is a classic term in perceiving the space by the Japanese. A perceptive organ is the whole body, memory as well as imagination. At the exhibition I showed solids made of little rollers, whose creation process could be compared to saying one’s beads: extended in time, repetitive and elaborate. I made use of the similarity of the hall’s arrangement to a church division. The sight was directed from the entrance towards the central work Set 12+1. In the bays I placed four other works (Ritual Objects, Samples, Worn Ceramics, Wrinkles), on the side walls there were title surfaces of Karesansui directly related to gravel gardens. Along the main part of the exhibition sculptures from the Triplex cycle and the cycles formed of little rollers were placed. The exhibition was of a totally different character, and particular compositions gained new layers of meaning. The Zen world intermingles with Christian symbols and harmony of forms.